Bourbon Legends

Adventure Log - 2/17/2013

I was unaware rocks had teeth!

The Bourbon Legends came out of the cold, and into the bleak darkness of a cave. After returning from saving Eberron Christmas, The Bourbon Legends found Blackstone to be deserted, save for the corpse of one of Tannarus’ cousins; Rugbear Ironshield. They weren’t standing alone with a corpse for too long, because out of the doorway came the familiar face of Nyambra. She greeted the party, bloodstained and all, before suggesting they do some teleporting.

The party has had poor luck in regards to teleporting, but they obliged, due to having answers to be filled and no Solderak or airship in sight. Dresden assisted Nyambra with the teleport ritual, while the rest of the party stood guard. Upon completion, everyone stepped upon the glowing runes and safely, to everyone’s surprise, teleported into a pitch black cave.

Lumey took it upon herself to flip the on switch on her sword and illuminated most of the cave. The party wasn’t surprised at their surroundings, being in places like this was becoming a common occurrence. They were surprised however by the tracks upon the ground they saw, they looked very reptilian. Graegwulf had flashbacks of fighting a reptilian race, the Kobolds, and warned the party.

The party trekked through the cave, huddled together. As Dresden decided to branch off from the group, hugging the western wall, a bunch of Kobolds jumped out of the ground. Imagine that, Kobolds coming out of the ground, quite a sight to behold. After they all had sprung merrily from the ground, a fight ensued. Nothing spectacular happened because the Kobolds hid back in their holes before any heads could be lopped off. They did however, leave the party with phrase spoken in Draconic; “He’s awake! He’s awake!”

Graegwulf and Dresden, who both speak Draconic, translated the phrase to the party. I believe it was unanimously agreed that this didn’t sound good. After a short rest, the party continued its trek through the cave. Eventually they came to an open area with a pool of water, stalagmites, and stalactites. The party stood huddled together, not making any major decisions for it was still unknown of who the Kobolds spoke of. Graegwulf took it upon himself to make a move, and walked up to the water.

At the water’s edge, Graegwulf decided to give his face a quick clean. While washing his face, something lashed out at him. It was a rock! Though it wasn’t just any sort of rock, it is what some might call a Roper; an overgrown stalagmite, with a vertical mouth, tentacles, and single red eye. The party was made aware of what struck at Graegwulf, some in disbelief, and came to his aid. Dresden, realizing fighting rocks isn’t wise, hatched a plan. He wanted the party to push the rock into the water.

Graegwulf was unable to push the rock using his shield, Tannarus’ bellowing only pushed the rock so far, but Omni was able to move it with her mind. Upon placing the Roper in the middle of the body of water, it merely acted inconvenienced and continued its tentacle lashing. That is when Dresden initiated Phase 2 of his plan; freeze the body of water with his Pouch of Frozen Passage. It worked exceptionally well, and the body of water froze with the Roper inside of it. Though this didn’t restrict its ability to lash out with tentacles.

What will happen in the next Adventure!? The party has frozen the Roper in place, but can they easily squeeze by? Will they take this time to smash their weapons upon its face? Or is Nyambra really a robot? Tune in next time!



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